Greenhouse & Garden

The Greenhouse & Garden Program Growing up Gardening

For 14 years over 140 students, DISES teachers, and community gardeners have worked together to learn organic gardening at our DISES after school garden club. The Garden Club currently meets once a week. Over the summer growing season members and families of members care for our hoop house and raised beds.

Our funding has been solely through grants, volunteerism, businesses, and private donations. We have been able to sustain and grow our project expanding to the Deer Isle Recreation Center garden as a community service.

We currently grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs in a hoop house and five raised beds. We teach food production, soil conditioning, culinary skills, social skills, community building and service, and the simple joy of watching a tiny seed produce edible food. We share our food with the school cafeteria and community members.

We encourage our school community and island community to join us in gardening with students. We thank each and every business, group and private community member who has helped us along our way.