DISES Fall Sports Banquet

Monday, November 1 3-430pm

Location: DISES Sports Field

Come celebrate our student athletes! There will be food, fun, and awards given out by coaches. Adults and students should come dressed for a kickball match!

Parents: The DISES booster club will provide pizza and beverages. Can you volunteer to bring a snack or dessert? If so, please contact Bob St.Peter at 348-6301 x224 or by email at bstpeter@dishs.org.

Thank you parents, players, and coaches for a great 2021 Fall Sports season!

Welcome to Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School and the start of our 2021 soccer season!

A few things you need to know:

● Players will be masking during play.

● Spectators are not required to mask if fully vaccinated.

Please maintain social distancing during this sporting


● The buildings are closed to visitors. Please make use of

the porto potty located near the soccer field.

● At DISES we value all the people who help make youth

sports possible. This includes, among others, coaches,

players, parents, opposing teams, all the fans, and our

game officials. Poor behavior or sportsmanship by

spectators (taunting, name calling, yelling at officials) is

not acceptable and may result in you being asked to leave the game and school grounds.

Let the players play, the coaches coach, and the refs referee!

Your job is to have fun and cheer on the players!

Thank you to Coach Sam Parker for leading our team this season

If you have any questions please contact Athletic Director Bob St.Peter at bstpeter@dishs.org or 348-6301.

**Help us keep our school tidy by cleaning up after yourself. Please do not litter**

Go Mariners!