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Three Pillars of DISES Retire

Linda Weed, Julie Davis, and Roberta Johnson celebrated many years of service to the children and families of Deer Isle-Stonington at the end of the school year.  Linda Weed has served the island schools is just about every role possible. We are grateful for the dedication to the education of our students she has shown. She leaves us many leadership roles and committees to fill, as she has been a teacher-leader and advocate for all.  Julie Davis has provided Special Education service to many children and leaves us a beautiful greenhouse and thriving garden program to care for and continue. Roberta Johnson has been the keeper of the spirit of DISES. She has quietly checked on our feelings and kept us working together and helping each other for many years.  She leaves DISES more prepared to prevent bullying with the Buddy Bench program and a team of proactive kids ready to build our understanding and tolerance of each other. 

DISES is a better place because of their many contributions and won’t be the same without them.  We will certainly miss them all.

Senior Recognition Day

The graduating seniors from DISHS visited the elementary school for a walk through the hallways this June. The younger students were in awe of them dressed in their caps and gowns and looking so grown up. 

Congratulations DISHS Seniors!   

Thank You to our PTO Team

What a great year for DISES students with the support of our PTO!

From Bake Sales to Trunk or Treat, these ladies have brought fun and a positive spirit to our students and community.

Thank you DISES PTO!

Here's to a great 2019!

Mission Statement

 Creating resourceful, knowledgeable and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. 

Vision Statement
Every CSD 13 student is a self-directed, active learner eagerly engaged in meaningful opportunities for exploration that allow them to follow their passions and dreams, both within their school and in their community. They are confident, resilient, proud of their school, and ready to be compassionate and involved citizens of tomorrow. 
To accomplish this: 

1. We provide our students with a comprehensive, personalized learning experience that includes opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

2. Our students will become clear communicators able to understand a variety of perspectives, skilled in interpersonal and real world skills, and capable of contributing to strong community leadership.

3. Our learning community, built on the positive aspects of our island culture, will be student-centered, safe, respectful and nurturing for all. Students will be supported in learning to investigate options, make mistakes, and grow in the process. We will foster positive student/teacher educational partnerships as well as collaborative parental involvement and engagement.

4. Our CSD 13 staff are professional, respected, adaptable, and compassionate; they provide strong, informed educational practice and leadership within Union 76. Staff are supported within the schools, where use of a shared decision model is employed, and also by the wider community. Professional development is encouraged and rewarded.

5. Our facilities are well-maintained and welcoming; they support learner needs and generate a sense of pride for the school community.

6. Our Community takes pride in and actively supports our schools. School/community collaboration to create community-based learning experiences is valued and encouraged. 

Core Beliefs
1. All students can learn and want to be successful.

2. Students learn in different ways, at different rates, and in a variety of settings.

3. Learning involves curiosity, taking risks, and making mistakes.

4. Students need clear and relevant learning targets, frequent feedback, and ongoing, meaningful reflection.

5. Effective applied learning incorporates opportunities for real world problem-solving.

6. Social, emotional, and physical development are essential to students’ learning and success.

7. Students learn best in a safe environment characterized by positive relationships with peers, and with caring, competent adults.

8. High standards of performance are expected from all members of the learning community.

9. Life-long learning is a community-wide endeavor and a shared responsibility

Invitation for public comment:  School Union 76 is in the process of preparing and submitting its applications for Title IA and Title IIA grants. We welcome any comments and suggestions from the public regarding those applications and use of grant funds.  Anticipated submission dates are June-July 2019.
Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (ESEA) provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.
Title II A is aimed at Building Systems of Support for Excellent. Teaching and Leading and is generally used for professional development.


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