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As of MONDAY, September 11, DISES will not be able to provide morning snack for students. 
Unfortunately, the State does not cover these costs.  
Please be sure to send a snack for your child.  

Parent Teacher Organization
Samantha Parker is interested in forming a PTO this year for DISES.
Please contact her if you would be interested in learning more about this possibility.
    email: sammib1586@yahoo.co
    cell: 479-2394

 If your address or emergency contact information has changed, please help us update it by filling out this form. Thank you.

Striving to be Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, and Coconut Free!

Thank you for your support in helping our DISES family as we are striving to be peanut free, tree nut free, and coconut free.  Our efforts are in place to keep our children safe.  For nut free snack ideas, try this link: https://www.holleygrainger.com/nut-free-snacks/         

Click here for DISES guidelines.        

Quote from Alice in Wonderland:        

"There is no use trying," said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things."

"I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen.  "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

- Lewis Carroll                                                                  

The Bell over the entrance to DISES from the Deer Isle School House.  

The Greenhouse & Garden Program Growing up Gardening

For 14 years over 140 students,  DISES teachers, and community gardeners have worked  together  to learn organic gardening  at our DISES after school garden club.  The Garden Club currently meets once a week.  Over the summer growing season members and families of members care for our hoop house and raised beds.

Our funding has been solely through grants, volunteerism, businesses, and private donations. We have been able to sustain and grow our project expanding to the Deer Isle Recreation Center garden as a community service.

We currently grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs in a hoop house and five raised beds.  We teach food production, soil conditioning, culinary skills, social skills, community building and service, and the simple joy of watching a tiny seed produce an edible food. We share our food with the school cafeteria and community members.

We encourage our school community and island community to join us in gardening with students.  We thank each and every business , group and private community member who has helped us along our way.

The Greenhouse & Garden Committee Members

Julie Davis, Jo Jacob - Master Gardener, Liz Zentz, Mary Cevasco - Master Gardener

New Staff at DISES!   

Tara McKechnie - Principal

Lynne Witham - Head of School K-12

Ben Moss - Technology Administrator

Deanne Heanssler - Administrative Assistant

Steve Malcolm - Education Technician

Kathy Schrader -  4-8 Special Education 

Victoria Wolford - DISES 3/4 Teacher 

We welcome all of our new staff members to the DISES community!   

Switched Positions at DISES

  • Amy Billings will be filling Tiffany Dauk’s role in the DISES Office.  

  • Tiffany Dauk will be moving to the Central Office as an Administrative Assistant for the Director of Special Education and Bookkeeping for the Office at DISHS.

  • Tasha Brown is now a Kindergarten Teacher.

  • Dorothy Conte is now a 1/2 Teacher.

  • Carla Magoon is now a 5/6 Teacher.  

  • Betsy Woodward is now our Student Support Room Teacher.  

Drop Off Procedure

The kindergarten teachers have developed a new drop off procedure this year to teach children responsibility.  Both kindergarten teachers greet their students in the lobby.  Teachers guide children to make decisions about needing breakfast or morning recess and are there to help children find their way.  Saying good-bye in the lobby seems to be an easier transition for children, as children have quickly learned the morning drop off routine.  The hope is that this extra guidance and instruction will prepare them for next year’s more independent procedure.

1/2  homeroom teacher wait for their students in the classrooms.  The teachers check with the students to guide their morning decisions about needing breakfast or morning recess.  Making decisions and finding their way independently helps children feel confident and comfortable at school.  

Your opinion matters, and you can help guide the direction of our schools! Please take a few moments to share your thoughts by clicking the link below and filling out this brief survey. Survey is open until 10/17/2017. 

For more information about the Strategic Planning Committee, please see the following documents.
Committee Charge
Committee Members

What is happening in DISES Classrooms in September?


Kindergarten students read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom this week.  The children colored a coconut tree, cut out coconuts, and put them on the tree.  Children practiced holding scissors with the correct fingers and keeping them safely at tables.  Gluesticks were introduced, too!  Children made sure to listen for the SNAP to know the cap is on the gluestick when they are finished.  Both classrooms were singing the ABCs, counting coconuts, and learning how to use classroom tools safely and responsibly.  It was a treat to see eager children excited and happy at school.

Grades 1/2  

Morning Meetings in 1/2 were humming with students discussing how to use playground equipment safely and reviewing classroom expectations.  Students were demonstrating proper procedure while others observed to determine the important things to remember about each procedure.  Read to Self was in session in classrooms; a quiet, engaging time for students to select books and build reading stamina.  Students also tried out their STEM skills, making lego towers as tall as they possibly could that still supported a tennis ball.   

Grades 3/4

The students in 3/4 were thinking about storms this week as a unit about Weather and Clouds was introduced.  Students started by making a storm guide and collected information about wind, as well as various types of clouds.  They watched a cool video about storms and talked about the connection to our current weather and current events in our country.  In writing students  collected a list of people that matter to them.  They thought about special moments in time they shared with those people to generate ideas to begin drafting personal narrative writing stories.  

Grades 5/6

5/6 is kicking off the year with a study of ecosystems in science.  They are already fast at work learning map skills, thinking about cartology, longitude, and latitude.  Students will be reading non-fiction books.  Students listened to The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds; a story about a child who draws only a dot on the paper in art.  The child learns that a dot is a start, that teachers honor where you start, and that a small beginning can create wonderful things.        

Grades 7/8

In science students returned to the Nature Trail to begin the Chemistry of Nature. Students learned to identify poison ivy and performed a lab to understand why urushiol, the oil in poison ivy, needs to be washed off by soap and water, not just water.  In writing they generated story ideas using post it notes.  Be sure to ask them how it worked.  Creative writing is bursting from the 7/8 rooms.  Students are reading poetry and fables, analyzing the text, and responding in writing.   In social studies the current events in our country are being discussed.  Students are also working in teams to research and present about types of government in the world.  

We are proud of the great learning opportunities happening for DISES students!     

Dismissal Procedure

We have had great success with our new and improved dismissal process for walkers.  K-8  All homeroom teachers, escort bus students to the bus, then walkers to the Music Room via the hallway past the Industrial Arts Room.  There are 3 - 7/8 teachers who supervise in the Music Room and sort the students.  A duty teacher is on the other side of the door adjoining the gym with the sign out sheets to greet parents and match them to the children. Parents can go directly to the gym to sign out children.  

Thank you for you help in keeping the dismissal process orderly and safe for kids.