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Cathy Boyce at the Queen's Closet has free costumes for kids for Halloween. Most of her costumes are for younger kids. She is open 2-5 every Tuesday until Halloween. 

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Striving to be Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, and Coconut Free!

Thank you for your support in helping our DISES family as we are striving to be peanut free, tree nut free, and coconut free.  Our efforts are in place to keep our children safe.  For nut free snack ideas, try this link: https://www.holleygrainger.com/nut-free-snacks/         

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Trip to Scott’s Landing with Grades 1/2 and Martha Bell from Island Heritage Trust

The Scott's Landing field trip was focused on two NGSS science standards:

1.  Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants.

2. Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.

Students drew and wrote which plants, animals, non-living and other discoveries they found inside quadrats (that the students created!) at different habitats - the beach and the field. The observations and pictures in the quadrats will be used to learn about the two different habitats - the beach and the field. 

After a snack break, students walked the trails, collecting seeds from grasses, wildflowers, and berries. Students collected so many seeds and are planning on planting them this spring! First and second graders are going to start learning about how and why different seeds travel.

Understanding Climate Change...Hands On .....Four Different Ways! Grades 7/8

On Friday the 13th the 7th and 8th grade headed to Scott's Landing/ Causeway Beach with Martha Bell from Island Heritage Trust. Following with the current classroom/nature trail theme of "chemistry in nature" students focused on CO2 in our atmosphere and how it might impact the beach, the Causeway, vegetation and birds.

For 4 years the 7th grade class have been the stewards of the beach-grass plot on the Causeway Beach. They carry on the work of past 7th graders in maintaining this plot of essential beach grass because it protects the beach and the land behind it from storms and sea level rise. On Friday morning students measured the beach grass plot, flagged the edges to discourage vehicles from driving over, and erected student painted signs to educate the public about beach grass.

The 7th grade students also used survey tools to predict what a 3 foot and 4 foot sea level rise might look like on the Causeway. The height was marked with chalk, before we discussed what an 8 foot storm surge might do!

Across the street at Scott's Landing 8th grade students focused on how shifting climate could create a mismatch between when birds migrate and when fruit is available to fuel the birds’ journey. As part of a citizen science project students collected data to be shared with researchers at Schoodic Institute and scientists in Mexico. 8th graders counted and documented available fruits from sumac, bayberry, serviceberry, and winterberry that might be consumed by birds heading south.

Students also learned about how Oriental  Bittersweet may become even more invasive with warming climate. With tools in hand, they went to work to remove it. They used loppers to cut it at the base and pulled it off entangled trees.

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The DISES PTO is Starting Strong

While we are still in the process of forming an official PTO.  A group of energetic parents is ready to kick off some DISES events for the month of October.  At the Meet and Greet night this Wednesday, the group decided to start off some events for families and students, even though we are not yet officially a PTO yet.  We are working on the paperwork this month and expect to be official by November.  

DISES Trunk or Treat

DISES (soon to be official) PTO

will be hosting a TRUNK OR TREAT in the DISES parking lot!

On Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st

from 4:30 -6:30pm.

All that driving around is exhausting! Enjoy a simple walk around the DISES parking lot with your children! Enjoy decorated cars and trick or treat at each trunk!

We will also be selling Pizza by the slice!


If you’re interested in buying a boo gram,  forms are available in the office until October 27.

A boo gram is a pencil & glow stick bracelet

for $1.00

They’ll be delivered to your child’s classroom on Halloween day!

This is our first

DISES PTO(soon to be official) fundraiser!