Planning & Organization

Planning & Organization Tools 

Technology can be used as a way to keep students in communication with each other, to document the process, as well as ways to organize ideas and data that students are developing throughout the project

Information Organizers

·      Delicious- Social bookmarking tool

·      Doodle- Web based tool that allows for individuals to poll availability times to ensure you find a time that works for the majority of the group.

· Create, share, discover infographics and online charts

·      Gloggster- Create an interactive poster loaded with text, graphics, music, videos and more!

·      Lucid Chart- Create professional looking flowcharts, mind maps, network diagram, venn diagrams and more!

·      Popplet- Cloud based app that allows you to create graphic organizers with the ability to collaborate with others.

·      Wikispaces- Build your own wiki page that can display information about a project or topic and can be private or public.


·      EduPlace Graphic Organizers - over 40 different printable templates

·      Graphic Organizers - from - many templates

·      Graphic Organizers - from John Rikey - for planning and inspiring fiction and non-fiction writing