Tools for Building a Collaborative Environment 

Technology not only expands our access to published content but our ability to communicate with others. Tools have been developed that virtually connect community partners, as well as for teachers and students to each other through email, video, and audio.


Learning Management Systems

·      Edmodo- Simulating Facebook, creates a familiar learning environment that can be used to continue classroom discussions, track student progress, and poll student understanding.

·      Google + Communities- Google users can create communities that simulate Facebook groups for discussions, posting resources, and much more!

·      Moodle- A web platform that can be used for classes 1-100,000 students to conduct fully online courses, or just for activity modules (forums, database, and wikis) to build a collaborative learning communities.

Web Communication

·      Zoom- Allows you to video conference with multiple people.

·      Skype- Used internationally for phone and video calls. 

·      Google Hangout- Similar to Skype, for Google users.