Edible Island

Edible Island

Edible Island is continuing enrichment classes at DISES with hands on experiences to develop and refine taste preferences, while building kitchen skills and encouraging intuitive cooking.

DISES Snack Preparation – 7th and 8th Grade Students (M,T,W)

Edible Island will engage 7th and 8th graders in preparing fruit and vegetable snacks for the entire school. Each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, students will work with Edible Island instructors to wash, cut, and prep snack boxes for each grade classroom. Students will also prepare accompanying dips and sauces, including hummus and other dressings. This class will teach students the basics of food safety, hygiene, knife skills, and basic cooking skills. Participants will gain familiarity with a broad range of fruits and vegetables and the most efficient way to prepare them for eating and/or cooking.


Cooking Class – 7th and 8th Grade Students (TH, F)

Edible Island will engage students in a series of hands-on cooking lessons that provide opportunities to develop knife skills, learn about food safety, understand the flavor principles of cooking, and plan and prepare a variety of dishes as a group. Each class, students will follow a new recipe and prepare a dish to enjoy at the end of the class. Each recipe will expose participants to new cooking techniques, ingredients, and culinary principles.


Nutrition Class (in coordination with Health Class) – 5th and 6th Grade Students (schedule TBD)

To complement students’ health classes, Edible Island will engage 5th and 6th grade students in a series of hands-on classes that explore the relationship between food and health. Participants will learn about the nutritional benefits of different types of foods and prepare a variety of healthy and delicious dishes as a group. Each class will introduce participants to a new recipe, including the nutrition and health benefits of ingredients. Students will also learn the basics of food safety, knife skills, and basic cooking skills.