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Ms. Weed

We will begin our NWEA tests on Thursday, May 12th.  The second test will be on Friday, May 13th and the last one will be on Tuesday, May 17th.  
Children need a good night's rest, a healthy breakfast and snack each day and encouragement to do their best.   Make-up tests will be scheduled when space and time are available.  These tests are taken on the computer.  There is one for math, language usage and reading.  The results will help with the placement of students in classes starting in September.

A good night's sleep, healthy breakfast and encouragement to do their best is highly recommended.

  Please return report cards and  envelopes.  Thank you.

School Cancellations are posted on Facebook very quickly.  Angel Eaton, Sarah Dodge, Kim Hutchinson, and Liz Steele are the parents contacts for our class.  They will be notifying all other parents in the event of a school closing event during the school day.  The list of numbers will be sent by Monday, Feb. 8th.  Please check that your number is the best one to notify you during the day.  Contact the school if your number needs to be updated.  Thank you for you support and hopefully we won't need to use it.

If your child is having trouble with any assignment, have him/her bring it back to class the next day and I will help them.  Assignments that are returned neatly and on-time receive an extra 2 points.  Assignments that arrive late receive 1 point.  Assignments that arrive after the Unit or ranking period is over receive a 0. 

Students have an assignment sheet in the front of their 3 ring binder and assignments are in the matching section of the binder.  Please check the assignments sheets each day.  I will indicate on their sheet if an assignment is already completed.


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We have not had any homework assignments for several weeks.  The students are happy about that.  They all did a great job on their body system projects.  We all learned a lot.  Their projects were on display for STREAM night.  Well done to everyone.

Math  -   practice multiplication and division facts,adding fractions with uncommon denominators, multiplying and dividing fractions, and reading and writing decimals.  
We have been working in the math journals during class.

Reading - 20 minutes, Current Events articles to read, copy important information including who, what, when, where, why and how.  Share their information with the class.  We practiced this week.  We are developing our scoring rubric together in class.  Students will share another current events article this week that will be scored for reading, writing, and oral presentation.

Reading Challenge -  Students were given a 2016 Reading Challenge that requires reading a different book and recording the title, author's name and a comment about certain books once monthly.  Ask your child to show you the list.

Spelling - included in the science project and current events writing 

Grammar - no new assignment 

Writing - Current Events articles, ecosystem journals

Science - bring in food labels, ecosystem projects begin this week.

Social Studies - practice states and capitals for the 38 states we have studied so far.  Continue the next 12 states.  

Please be sure your child returns his/her binder with the assignments.  Thank you.
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