7/8 Language Arts

This year we will be reading many wonderful books as we participate in a reading workshop, with literature circles.  Students will be keeping a reading log and will be responsible to write about their reading as well as participate in group discussions. 
Other aspects of reading may be word study, book reviews, book talks, and analysis of characters, themes and settings.

We will also participate in writing workshop where we will do some free writing, as well as more directed writing.  Students will be selecting works for publishing, and working on their punctuation, word choice and sentence structure. In grades 7 & 8 we will be creating a digital magazine with our writing.

Students will be reading 20 minutes a night and selecting a response question to answer in their reading log.

Assessments and Other:
We will be using the Fountas and Pinnell assessment for reading this year, as well as the NWEA and the state MEA. 
The class will also be using MobyMax, not only to assess students, but to individualize instruction in reading by offering lessons tailored to the students' needs and monitor progress.