5/6 Social Studies

Social Studies in the 2017-18 school year will begin with a review of map and globe skills, followed by, the 5 themes of geography, and vocabulary for physical and cultural features of the environment. A section on Canada, early Meso-American civilizations and Latin America will be part of the year-long curriculum. Student will rotate between this and another Social Studies class as they cover this material.

Geography Book Project
Every student is creating a chapter for our book about Central America. Each will discuss the 5 themes of Geography, (location, place, human interactions with the environment, movement, and regions) about a specific country in Central America.  When the minimum is completed there are chances for extensions to show expanded knowledge about the culture and/or community of the nation.

Links for the project:     Research Handout   
                                         Geography Book Project
                                         World Factbook