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Opera House Arts


DISES is excited to be working closely with the Stonington Opera House! This year we will have a number of programs and activities scheduled, both here at our school, and at the Opera House. Here is a link to information about the Opera House's educational program.


Opera House Arts

Opera House Arts Class Acts Program:
Standards-based Learning Through the Performing Arts

Dance / Social Studies / Physical Education
On October 15th, Chrissy Fowler will lead a weeklong residency for grades 3 and 4 in traditional, participatory, New England dancing – also called contra dancing. Contra dancing is a lifelong physical/arts activity based on simple patterns of movement, rooted in our regional history and is still thriving. Every weekend, dancers of all ages swing and do-si-do to lively fiddle tunes in halls throughout the state. To culminate the residency, students will demonstrate one of their dances at a public community contra dance at the Stonington Opera House, on October 18th at 6:30pm. This residency is funded by Opera House Arts and by the outreach program of Belfast Flying Shoes.

Shadow Puppet Theatre / Social Studies
On December 10th, Ian Bannon will lead a weeklong residency for grade 1 in shadow puppet theatre. Students will learn about holiday traditions from around the world and create original puppets to tell stories from different cultures. Classes will be assessed both in social studies and performing arts standards in this immersive, student-driven project.  This residency is funded by Opera House Arts.

Voice 2 Voice Poetry Declamation Contest
V2V is a multi­school collaboration with Opera House Arts designed to join students' voices with the voices of published poets. During National Poetry Month, the program will expose students grades 5­-8 in Unions 76 and 93 to the spoken word of poetry as a means of developing their voices and expressing themselves. Students will choose poems from a Voice 2 Voice anthology- with authors ranging from Walt Whitman to Shakespeare, Carolyn Wells to Billy Collins. Poems will explore a variety of themes that span the breadth of the school curricula.