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5th Grade Band

 2017 - 2018 
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Beginning Band is an excellent opportunity for your child(ren) to learn how to play an instrument, read music, learn responsibility, and learn teamwork in a noncompetitive environment. Packets of information will be going out to students soon that will hopefully answer many questions. I am a firm believer that ALL students should be able to participate in band if they are interested. Below are some commonly asked questions:

    Q: Will band interfere with sports?
    A: No. Band lessons and full group rehearsals occur during the school day. Performances and games are                scheduled in advance around each other.

    Q: What if I don't have an instrument?
    A: There are many options for getting and instrument: buying new or used, renting, or borrowing. I can help 
        you. We can discuss options and what's best for your family. I can also help you locate low cost, good 
        quality instruments. Please contact me.

    Q: How much do I have to practice?
    A: For the first few months I recommend only 5 - 10 minutes five times a week. After that, 20 minutes five 
        times a week is enough to keep students playing at grade level.
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