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5th Grade

 2015 - 2016 

In fifth grade we take a look back in time and learn about American music history of the twentieth century starting with jazz and blues. Students will be learning about how history shaped music and how music shaped history. We will be analyzing famous songs from different eras and genres, writing blues lyrics, learning famous dances from the time periods, and learning about the culture of the country and the island. 
There will be short homework assignments that will be posted both here and on powerschool. There will also be short sound clips and videos from the different eras posted.

Our Spiring Concert is approaching soon!!!  The 1 - 5 Spring Concert is on Wednesday, May 25th. The Spring Concert Form will be available soon for more information. Your child will also be bringing this form home. Please sign and return the bottom portion as soon as possible. There are lyrics to the songs on the right sing-a-long mp3s below so that students can sing at home. See you there!
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